Our Values

Whether we are supporting our customers, colleagues, suppliers or other people we do business with, we are committed to our company values.

From celebrating success at our monthly recognition cafés to achieving more through inspiring training programmes, our values are at the core of everything we do. Having fun means we enjoy what we do, keep it simple helps us to focus on our priorities and one team, one vision channels our energy in the right direction.

Our values shape the culture of our business and ensure that we’re unified in our mission. At the centre of our values you’ll find our customers and our people, they are our heart and soul. Living and breathing our values enables our fantastic team members to create amazing memories for our customers.

Company values

Recognition Cafes

A monthly opportunity to celebrate & recognise success

We are extremely fortunate to have some amazing people in our business so we need to show our appreciation for all their hard work. Once a month we hold a Recognition Café at each of our locations to reward our people who have demonstrated the right behaviours in line with our values, to make a positive difference to our business.

Star Performer

Recognising outstanding contribution to the success of our business

Our ‘Star Performer Awards’ are designed to recognise outstanding contribution to the success of our business. Running from March to November each year, our Star Performers are outstanding individuals who have really delivered a positive impact to the business by bringing our company values to life.

Celebrating YOU!

Recognising contribution to the business over time

Celebrating YOU! is a milestone programme which is designed to help our people feel valued and allows us to be involved in celebrating career achievement’s, We will make an award to everyone who reaches their milestone of the following years: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. The awards range from a certificate in year 1 to lapel pins, year book, Lucite, and at year 5 and beyond a gift with an increasing value at each milestone.

LOUD Awards

Recognising outstanding customer service

Our LOUD awards are about recognising people that made our customers go “wow!” Anyone can nominate an employee for a LOUD Award including our customers.